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Hey ;) I'm Amber, in High School , and at most times I am a total shy, silent girl (mostly in public), well unless you get to know me XD
I love anime/manga, marvel, comics, DC nation, reading, drawing, running, lifting wieghts, bowling, playing tennis, and swimming :)
My fav anime is D. Gray Man
My all time FAVORITE show is Supernatural
My two favorite actors are Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki
I'm on my high school's bowling team and we were 9th in state this year :D
I support lgbt rights, becuase love is love and for all those people who think it as a sin, well who are you to judge? You've probably done millions of sins that actually matter.
Oh, and well I am an udder dork and nerd, not one of those posers who put on glasses and say they are nerds. No, I am 100% pure, proud nerd :) *Oh and by the way I painted the backround :)*

April 4, 2012 12:05 am



Magic Jewelry: Part I

1. Alluring Key
2. Golden Steampunk Time Travel Key
3. Ruby Angel Key
4. Autumn’s Key
5. Leaf Gold Key Necklace
6. Water Turner Key Necklace
7. Dark Leaves Key Necklace
8. Silver Swirl Key
9. Half Machine Key
10. Zen Charm Key

Part I - Part II - Part IIIPart IV - Part V  ::: Posted by: adrjs

 Golden Steampunk Time Travel Key

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